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API Penetration Testing

Edge Systems will provide actionable insights to strengthen the API's security, ensuring it can withstand potential cyber threats and protect sensitive data.

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Internal API Pentesting

Edge Systems will take actionable steps to provide insight to enhance the API's security and protect sensitive data from internal threats.

Internal API pentesting vulnerabilities:

Improper Authentication

Insecure Authorization

Data Exposure

Improper Input Validation

Insecure API Endpoints

Insecure Dependencies

Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

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External API Pentesting

Edge Systems External API penetration testing is a comprehensive security assessment process designed to identify, evaluate, and exploit vulnerabilities in application programming interfaces (APIs) that are exposed to the internet.

External API pentesting vulnerabilities:

Broken Authentication

Sensitive Data Exposure

Weak SSL/TLS Configurations

Unrestricted Access

Security Misconfigurations

Poor Session Management

Improper Use of Platform Features

Composite API Pentesting

Edge Systems testing is used to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within the interconnected components, simulating real-world attacks to uncover weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Composite API pentesting vulnerabilities:

Lack of Encryption

Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks

Untrusted Sources

Inconsistent State Handling

Information Leakage

Insecure Use of OAuth

Ineffective Monitoring

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