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Application Penetration Testing

Application pentesting is a security assessment process that Edge Systems aims at identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities within an application's infrastructure, code, and configuration.

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Internal Web
Application Pentesting

Edge Systems will identify and exploit vulnerabilities that could be accessed by insiders or malicious actors with network access.

Internal web pentesting vulnerabilities:

Authentication Flaws

Authorization and Access Control Issues

Session Management Weaknesses

Input Validation and Output Encoding Failures

Insecure Configuration and Deployment

Sensitive Data Exposure

Business Logic Vulnerabilities

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External Web
Application Pentesting

Edge Systems will test for issues like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), authentication and authorization flaws, and other vulnerabilities that could be exploited by remote attackers.

External web pentesting vulnerabilities:

Injection Flaws

Cross-Site Scripting

Session Management Flaws

Security Misconfigurations

Sensitive Data Exposure

Insecure Components

API Vulnerabilities

Mobile Application Pentesting

Edge Systems aims is to provide actionable insights to strengthen the app's security and protect it from potential cyber threats.

Internal web pentesting vulnerabilities:

Insecure Data Storage

Weak Authentication and Authorization

Insecure Communication

Insecure Session Management

Insufficient Input Validation

Improper Platform Usage

Reverse Engineering and Tampering

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