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Network Penetration Testing

Edge Systems proactive approach will help your organization to strengthen its security posture, protect sensitive data, and ensure the resilience of your network against potential cyber threats.

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Internal Pentesting

Edge Systems aims to identify and exploit vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious insiders or attackers who have gained unauthorized access to the internal network.

Network internal pentesting vulnerabilities:

Weak Authentication Mechanisms

Password Complexity

Open Ports and Services

Router and Switch Misconfigurations

Firmware Issues

Lack of Endpoint Protection

Social Engineering Exploits

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External Pentesting

Edge Systems external penetration testing helps organizations to understand exposure to external threats and Edge Systems will take proactive measures to strengthen organizations defenses.

Network external pentesting vulnerabilities:

Outdated Software and Patch Management

Exposed Services and Ports

Improper Access Control

Injection Attacks

Resource Exhaustion

Phishing Attacks

Data Leakage Risks

Host-Based Pentesting

Edge Systems host-based testing zooms in on specific devices, servers, workstations, and other endpoints to identify and mitigate security weaknesses.

Host-Based pentesting vulnerabilities:

Weak Authentication and Credentials Management

Operating System Vulnerabilities

Privilege Escalation Opportunities

Malware and Persistence Mechanisms

Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

Endpoint Protection Weaknesses

Physical Security Risks

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